Global Learning

Global Learning

Through distance education, S&T offers graduate programs in business, psychology, technical communication, science, technology, and engineering, of which many are nationally ranked. S&T's unique approach to delivering distance programs is designed for working professionals. Visit for a list of graduate degrees and certificate programs offered through distance education. For more information, contact us at 573-341-6591, or email

"Never stop learning" is the motto for professional and continuing education (PCE).  We provide programs for all ages, beginning in grade school and continuing through one's professional career. Youth programs with STEM-focused learning encourages students to expand their knowledge and career choices. Professional development opportunities are promoted through technical short courses, seminars, webinars, conferences, and online training. PCE is a conduit to access knowledge experts for program development and supports full-service event planning and logistics. For more information, contact us at 573-341-6222, email or visit

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Global Learning
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Classroom Technology

To support teaching and learning, IT supports a broad set of instructional technologies. In addition to CLCs, classroom presentation technology, such as podium computers, laptop connections, projectors, and speakers, are provided to enhance the ability of instructors and teaching assistants to present course materials and use student response systems (clickers) in the classroom.

The Media Services team is made up of professional video producers, audio technicians and graphic designers who collaborate with faculty to deliver distance education and enhance local education. We connect you to your students in the classroom and distance students around the world using the most current, cutting-edge and reliable technology. We professionally produce content for use in the classroom or for departmental programs including guest speakers, special presentation, workshops, webinars and instructional videos.

The Learning Environments team designs, implements and supports the technology that helps provide faculty and students the best possible learning experience. Our environments include 100+ classrooms, 50+ computer labs, and many full production studio classrooms. We also support numerous instructional software tools. These tools range from lecture capture and delivery, to virtual desktop environments and Canvas-our learning management system. We work directly with faculty to ensure all required software is deployed in our computer labs across campus.