International Affairs

The office of international affairs (IA) coordinates international activities, administers all matters involving immigration for international students and exchange visitors, and provides advisement services to the university’s international population.

IA is responsible for the recruitment of international students, and serves as a direct contact with U.S. government agencies, embassies, consulates, and the private sector concerning international activities. The office serves as the campus home for international student exchange programs and study abroad programs. In addition, the office assists faculty and staff wishing to travel or work overseas, and offers special educational and training programs, both domestically and abroad.

The office of international affairs administers Missouri S&T’s Applied Language Institute, which houses the Intensive English Program. IA is responsible for the organization of international protocol activities, promotes and monitors international linkage agreements, and administers a variety of international contracts.

Office of the Associate Provost
International Affairs
209 Norwood Hall
Rolla, MO  65409-0160  USA

International Sponsored Student Program

A full range of services for sponsored international students is provided through the office of international affairs. International students sponsored by international agencies receive special services and are assessed a sponsored student fee for each semester.

Details on the current sponsored student program and costs are available upon request from:

Office of International Affairs
Sponsored Student Programs
104 Norwood Hall
Rolla, Missouri  65409-0160  USA

Mandatory Health Insurance for International Students

All international students are required to purchase Missouri S&T international student health insurance as a condition of their enrollment. This includes all F-1 and J-1 visa holders. F-2 visa holders who are enrolled in classes at the intensive English program (IEP) and/or Missouri S&T are also required to purchase Missouri S&T international student health insurance. Student insurance premiums are typically charged to the student’s Missouri S&T cashier’s account.

In addition, the J-2 dependents of the J-1 visa holders are required by U.S. department of state immigration regulations to purchase health insurance meeting J visa requirements.

For more information on the mandatory health insurance requirement, contact:

Office of International Affairs
Insurance Services
104 Norwood Hall
Rolla, MO  65409-0160  USA

Study Abroad Programs

The office of international affairs coordinates study abroad opportunities for Missouri S&T students. Students may choose from a variety of exchange opportunities including semester or year abroad, faculty-led short term exchange, summer abroad, and experiential learning opportunities such as Engineers Without Borders. Semester, year, or summer abroad programs offer opportunities to earn credit towards the student's Missouri S&T degree program.

Semester, year, and summer study abroad programs are available in approximately 50 countries. Missouri S&T offers exchange options ranging from studying courses in English at a foreign university, studying in a foreign language, or participating in a faculty-led program. Additional information, including a list of countries and universities where students may study abroad, is available at

Students eligible for financial assistance at Missouri S&T may be able to apply financial aid to study abroad. Students are encouraged to contact the student financial assistance office for details.

For additional information, contact

Office of International Affairs
Study Abroad
104 Norwood Hall
Rolla, MO 65409-0160  USA

International Travel Approvals and Travel Registrations

All university-sponsored or university-related international travel by students or faculty/staff traveling with students requires two forms of approval:

1. Risk management approval by the Provost or his/her designee
2. Approval by academic or administrative department

Information about the approval process and links to the forms are available online at

In addition to the required approvals, students traveling internationally are required to register in a university approved travel registry. Missouri S&T travelers can access the travel registry at Faculty and/or staff members or non-S&T affiliated travelers who are accompanying students are also required to register their travel. Faculty and/or staff members who are not traveling with students may voluntarily register their travel. The purpose of the travel registry is to provide information to travelers of resources available to them while traveling and to assist the university to quickly and easily locate university travelers during an emergency.

Missouri S&T policies operate in accordance with the CRR 210.070 Guidelines for University of Missouri Related International Programs (Section E: Guidelines for Other University Related Travel).

For additional information, contact:

Office of International Affairs
Insurance Services
104 Norwood Hall
Rolla, MO 65409-0160  USA

Exchange Visitor Program

The office of international affairs administers Missouri S&T's exchange visitor program for all department of state (DOS) certified visitor categories in accordance with DOS regulations and processes. Missouri S&T is currently certified to host exchange visitors in the following categories:

  • Professor
  • Research scholar
  • Short-term scholar
  • Student intern
  • Non-degree seeking student
  • Degree seeking student

The office of international affairs works with faculty members, the admissions office, and other campus entities on the eligibility requirements and qualifications of the prospective exchange visitor, as well as on completion of applicant documents. The office provides orientation programming to all categories of exchange visitors. The office staff coordinate with the exchange visitor faculty advisory committee and faculty exchange visitor hosts to provide DOS-mandated cultural programming and opportunities.

All exchange visitors must purchase mandatory health insurance:

For more information regarding the exchange visitor program, contact:

Office of International Affairs
Exchange Visitor Program
103 Norwood Hall
Rolla, MO 65409-0160 USA

Intensive English Program (IEP)

The Intensive English Program (IEP) at Missouri University of Science and Technology provides intensive instruction in the English language for international students whose proficiency in the language is insufficient for full-time academic admission to Missouri S&T.

The mission of the IEP at Missouri S&T is to assist international students in attaining the proficiency level needed to meet language standards and promote a successful transition to academic programs. The program provides courses in English grammar, writing, reading comprehension, listening comprehension, pronunciation, and presentation at four proficiency levels.

All international students who have not satisfied S&T's language proficiency requirements are required to complete IEP's assessment testing, which is comprised of four parts:

Michigan Test of English Language Proficiency (MTELP) A standardized test that evaluates abilities in grammar, reading comprehension, and vocabulary.

Michigan English Language Institute College English Test - Listening (MELICET-L) A standardized test that evaluates abilities to understand spoken English.

Test of Writing Proficiency (TWP) A locally developed test that evaluates abilities to write clear, well-organized English based on nationally developed guidelines.

Oral Proficiency Evaluation (OPE) A locally developed test that evaluates abilities to speak English clearly based on nationally developed guidelines.

Students who perform well on all tests may be approved for full-time academic course work at the university. Students who meet the requirements for the pathway program may be authorized to concurrently enroll in both academic courses at the university and English classes in the IEP. Other students are enrolled in IEP course work, and may then complete the series of tests again at the end of the semester. Recommendations for promotion into a higher level of the IEP or for advancement into university course work are made by the IEP’s academic coordinator based on students' course grades, testing and faculty input.

Students who enroll in the IEP must complete that program to the satisfaction of its director and academic coordinator (i.e. satisfy all completion requirements) before being allowed to enroll full-time in university course work.

Ordinarily, the IEP is open only to students who intend to pursue study at Missouri S&T, and who have been conditionally admitted to the university. If space exists, international students already admitted to Missouri S&T and already taking course work may enroll in IEP courses to improve their English. In addition, international persons with no academic affiliation with the University may be considered for admittance into the Intensive English Program.

For more information on IEP, testing fees and program costs please contact:

Intensive English Program (IEP)
1207 N. Elm St.
Missouri University of Science and Technology
Rolla, MO 65409-1140  USA
Phone: 573-341-7753
Fax: 573-341-4514