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Degree Programs

...1200 Communication elective: ENGLISH 1160 or ENGLISH 1600 / TCH COM 1600 or ENGLISH 3560 or...

Technical Communication

...has already taken TCH COM 1600 or ENGLISH 1600 . *** The ENGLISH 2540 / TCH COM 2540...


The English curriculum involves the study of language, literature, and culture. Topics include literary history, criticism, literary forms, and detailed examinations of individual authors. Additional genre and theme courses are available, including world literature, literature and film, and science fiction. Linguistics and writing courses include the history and structure of the English language, advanced composition, and creative writing.

Petroleum Engineering

...take ENGLISH 1120 and either ENGLISH 3560 (preferred) or ENGLISH 1160 or ENGLISH 1600. Nine...

Mining Engineering

...humanities course, ENGLISH 1120 and either ENGLISH 1160 , ENGLISH 3560 or TCH COM 1600 . The...

ENGLISH 1221 American Literature: 1600 To 1865 (LEC 3.0)

A chronological survey that explores the ways the literature represents the concerns of individual authors as well as the history of literature.

ENGLISH 1600 Introduction to Technical Communication (LEC 3.0)

Introduction to the role of the professional technical communicator in business and industry and practice in methods of developing technical documents. Prerequisite: English 1120. (Co-listed with TCH COM 1600).