Freshman Engineering Program

Entering freshmen desiring to study engineering are admitted to the Freshman Engineering Program. They may state a preference for a major in a particular engineering field if they wish. In the event a preference is stated, it will be used in the consideration for freshmen scholarships, if available, in the preferred department.

The goals of the Freshman Engineering Program are:

  1. to provide high quality advising in order to enhance the likelihood of student academic success, and
  2. to provide information about careers in the various engineering fields so that students can make an informed decision regarding an engineering major.

Students will complete a set of required courses common to all engineering fields and then may apply for admission as degree candidates to the program of their choice.

Common Engineering Freshman Year

The following courses are common to all the engineering programs offered at Missouri S&T and are normally taken while the student is in the Freshman Engineering Program:

MATH 1214
MATH 1215
Calculus For Engineers I
and Calculus For Engineers II
CHEM 1310
CHEM 1319
CHEM 1100
General Chemistry I
and General Chemistry Laboratory
and Introduction To Laboratory Safety & Hazardous Materials
ENGLISH 1120Exposition And Argumentation3
Humanities/Social Sciences courses 1
FR ENG 1100Study And Careers In Engineering1
MECH ENG 1720Introduction to Engineering Design3
PHYSICS 1135Engineering Physics I4

Courses required in the remainder of each specific engineering program are listed under that program’s description in the catalog.

Students planning to major in ceramic engineering, chemical engineering, environmental engineering, geological engineering, metallurgical engineering or petroleum engineering will require additional chemistry or chemistry/geochemistry electives. It is recommended that, during the freshman year, these students should plan on taking CHEM 1320, GEOLOGY 3410, or other suggested courses as outlined in the curriculum of those specific majors.

Students planning to major in mining engineering should take GEO ENG 1150, MIN ENG 1912, and MIN ENG 2126 during their freshman year. Students planning to major in nuclear engineering should take NUC ENG 1105 during their freshman year.

Students may transfer from the Freshman Engineering Program to their selected degree program after having satisfied all of the above requirements, provided the degree programs will accept them. Students are advised to check special program requirements as listed with the program curricula in the catalog.

FR ENG 1100 Study And Careers In Engineering (LEC 1.0)

Examination of engineering degree programs available at Missouri S&T and career opportunities in engineering. Introduction to non-engineering majors and minors at Missouri S&T. Academic, professional and ethical expectations of the student and engineering professional. Introduction to campus facilities and resources for assisting in student success.