The campus has a variety of programs of study to prepare students for admittance to a professional school of law. Dr. Michael Meagher, Department of History/Political Science, 120 Humanities/Social Sciences Building, is the pre-law advisor.

Prelaw Minor

To qualify, students must complete a minimum of 18 hours of coursework in the following disciplines.

PHILOS 1115Introduction To Logic3
Select two of the following:6
American History To 1877
American History Since 1877
American Government
Introduction To Philosophy
Select three of the following:9
Two of the three courses must come from the humanities and social sciences disciplines of History, English, Etymology, Philosophy, or Political Science.
Intellectual Property For Computer Scientists
Financial Accounting
Business Law
Theory Of Written Communication
Advanced Composition
History of Technology
Business Ethics
Social Ethics
Philosophy Of Science
Environmental Ethics
Foundations Of Political Conflict
Law and Ethics in E-Commerce
Cost-Benefit Analysis
Labor Economics
History Of Economic Thought
POL SCI 2760
Principles Of Public Policy
Public Policy Analysis
Patent Law
Legal Environment
Introduction To Etymology