Miner Wellness

Through health education and promotion, Miner Wellness strengthens the well-being of S&T students by reinforcing healthy habits of the majority and reducing the impact of high-risk behaviors.

Miner Wellness provides community-based initiatives, such as, presentations, awareness campaigns, and trainings on the following topics:

  • Alcohol and Other Drug Harm Reduction¬†
  • Sexual Health
  • Interpersonal Violence Prevention
  • Sleep Health and Stress Management
  • Nutrition and Fitness
  • Bystander Intervention

STEP UP! is Missouri S&T's bystander intervention program that empowers the campus community to foster a culture of awareness, intervention, and inclusion. It helps students recognize problematic events and increases their motivation, skills, and confidence when responding to problems or concerns.

Miner Wellness offers one-on-one consultations for students in the areas of: nutrition, tobacco cessation, alcohol and cannabis screening, bystander intervention, and general wellness.

Miner Wellness coordinates a peer education network comprised of three student groups: Joe's PEERS, Peer Wellness Educators, and STEP UP! Student Ambassadors. Through participation in the peer education program, students gain professional development and leadership experience. They also provide education and resources to their fellow S&T students to encourage safe and healthy behavior.

The Miner Oasis was created to be a relaxing environment, off the beaten path, for students to enjoy and unwind. The Oasis is equipped with puzzles, board games, mindfulness activities, aromatherapy, crafts, fresh fruit, and free coffee and tea. The Miner Oasis is located in Norwood 201 and open Monday through Friday from 8AM to 4:30PM.

The Missouri S&T Prevention Coalition is a network of campus and community partners who utilize S&T specific data to guide wellness initiatives. These initiatives encourage positive choices among students and reduce the impact of high-risk behavior associated with alcohol and other drugs. We collaborate closely with Partners in Prevention (PIP) and twenty other Missouri universities to guide and improve Miner Wellness programming.

Contact Information:
Jessica Gargus, M.ED, CHES
Managing Director
201 Norwood Hall