Center for Biomedical Research (CBR)

110D Engineering Research Lab
Hu Yang (Director)

A list of Research Investigators and information about their research interests can be found at

What we do

The center for biomedical research promotes interdisciplinary collaboration to expedite scientific discovery and technological advances. Our goal is to develop next-generation materials, devices, and therapeutics for biomedical applications.

Researchers in the center lead research and education programs to train the next generation of biomedical engineers and scientists, to provide a future workforce for Missouri and the U.S.

We also promote technology transfer and entrepreneurship to commercialize new knowledge, and we collaborate with colleagues in hospitals and clinics around the State, and at other universities, to make these technologies available to the patients who will benefit from them.

Research highlights

The multidisciplinary research investigators with the center for biomedical research are involved in many different studies, including:

  • Scaffolds for tissue engineering, bone regeneration, and vascularization
  • Traumatic brain injury treatments and prevention
  • Regenerative medicine and stem cell biology
  • Bioactive glass for wound healing and nerve regeneration
  • Nano biomaterials for drug delivery, cancer treatment and diagnosis
  • Biomarkers for cancer detection
  • Antibacterial coatings and implants for orthopedic surgery
  • Biosensors and bio-imaging devices

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