Course Information

Course Numbers

This section has been prepared to give you a listing and description of the approved courses at the Missouri University of Science and Technology. Courses listed are those approved at the time this publication went to press. Changes are made at regular intervals. Electronic catalog descriptions, which are updated during the academic year, are available on the Web at: or on Joe’SS. This will enable you to keep abreast of new course additions. For current information on when courses are available, consult the campus schedule of classes available on the Registrar’s Office website at

1000-1999 Freshmen-level courses. May not be used as any part of a graduate degree program.

2000-2999 Sophomore-level courses. May not be used as any part of a graduate degree program.

3000-3999 Junior-level courses.

4000-4999 Senior-level courses.

5000-5999 Entry and mid-level graduate courses (undergraduate enrollment allowed).

6000-6999 Advanced graduate courses. Undergraduate and post-baccalaureate students are not normally eligible to enroll in 6000-level courses.

Course Information

The number in parentheses following the name of the course indicates the number of credit hours given for successfully completing the course. It also reflects the section type; for example, (LEC 3.0) designates a lecture course of three hours credit; (LAB 1.0) designates a laboratory course of one-hour credit, (RSD 2.0) designates a recitation, seminar, discussion of two hours credit, and (IND 0.0-15.0) designates independent study or research with variable hours. A lecture credit hour is usually the credit granted for satisfactorily passing a course of approximately 15 classroom hours. A laboratory course of one-hour credit would normally meet three classroom hours per week for 15 weeks.

Three credit hour courses normally meet 50 minutes three times per week, or 75 minutes twice a week, for 15 weeks. The time in class is the same in each case. If you have two classes in succession, there should be at least 10 minutes between classes. Classes meeting Monday-Wednesday-Friday will normally begin on the hour. Classes meeting Tuesday-Thursday will normally alternate between the hour and half hour, beginning at 8:00 a.m.

Students must have completed the stated prerequisite(s) of the course or obtain the ‘Consent of the Instructor’ of the course.

Missouri University of Science and Technology conducts all coursework using the English language with the exception of foreign language courses.