Graduate Certificate and Minor Programs

Graduate Certificate Programs

Missouri S&T offers a number of graduate certificates that are designed to appeal to those working professionals who are interested in furthering their education and who seek the knowledge to understand and contribute to an emerging area of their professional lives. Once admitted to a certificate program, the student must complete four of the designated courses (total of 12 credit hours); at least three courses (nine credit hours) must be taken from Missouri S&T. The student must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher in these four courses (12 credit hours) in order to receive a graduate certificate. Students admitted to a graduate certificate program will have non-degree student status, but will earn graduate credit for the courses they complete. If the four-course sequence is completed with a grade of B or better in each of the courses taken, the student, upon application, will be admitted to the master's degree program sponsoring the graduate certificate, provided that all other program prerequisites and admission requirements are met. The certificate courses taken by students admitted to the M.S. program will apply toward their master’s degree. Courses taken for a specific certificate cannot be counted toward an additional certificate. Those courses, however, may be used on an in-progress master's program. An additional four courses (12 credit hours) sequence is required for each subsequent certificate. Once a graduate degree has been awarded, any courses used on that program of study cannot be used for additional certificates, unless the student was admitted into the graduate certificate program prior to completion of the graduate degree program.

Up to three credit hours of the courses 5000 or 6000 are allowed as part of all Missouri S&T graduate certificate programs. In order for a 5000/6000 course to be included in a graduate certificate program, a determination must be made by the offering department(s) that the focus of the 5000/6000 course is academically aligned with the general focus of the graduate certificate for which it is being used. The 5000/6000 course must be supervised by a full member of the graduate faculty and a letter grade (A, B, C, or F) must be assigned each time a 5000/6000 course is taken for the purpose of completing a graduate certificate. In determining whether the graduate certificate program has been successfully completed for the purpose of entry into a graduate degree program, grades received in 5000/6000 courses will be considered in the same manner as grades received in lecture courses.

Some graduate certificate programs are sponsored by more than one department. If this is the case, the entering student will identify one of the sponsoring departments as his or her “home” department. Upon successful completion of the certificate program, the student may then apply and be admitted to the master’s degree program in his or her “home” department. Please refer to the Master's Degree Program requirements, paragraph 3, regarding the timeline for submitting Form 1 for the master's degree.

Students who do not have all of the prerequisites necessary to take the courses in their chosen certificate program will be allowed to take “bridge” courses at either the graduate or the undergraduate level in order to prepare for the necessary certificate courses.

Once admitted to a certificate program, a student will be given three years to complete the program so long as he or she maintains at least a B average in the courses taken.

Students meeting the certificate requirements to be admitted into an M.S. program are not required to take the GRE or the GMAT. Students not meeting the certificate requirements may still apply to the M.S. program of their choice, but normal admission requirements (including minimum GRE or GMAT scores) must be met.

Additional information on graduate certificates at Missouri S&T is available at

Procedures for Earning a Graduate Certificate

  1. Students must apply and be admitted into each certificate program. There is no automatic admission to a certificate program. The application for admission to certificate programs is available at

  2. The student will consult with the program director about course scheduling and register for classes.

  3. For students enrolled in and/or being awarded more than one certificate a Certificate Program Courses Form must be completed before the 2nd or subsequent certificate can be awarded. This form is available at
  4. The student will complete the four course sequence, equivalent to 12 credit hours.

  5. The student will make application for completion within four weeks of the beginning of the student’s final semester or within two weeks of the beginning of the summer session period. The student must apply for completion through their Joe'SS account.

  6. The Board of Curators, upon the recommendation of the graduate faculty, grants the candidate the certificate.

Designated Graduate Minors

Students enrolled in masters or doctoral degree programs at Missouri S&T may designate a graduate minor, if they choose. Designated graduate minors are offered by individual degree-granting departments. Requirements for the graduate minor are determined by the department offering the minor. Graduate minors can only be awarded when the major degree is awarded, and all requirements for the graduate minor must be completed while the candidate is working toward his or her major degree.

Any graduate student interested in pursuing a graduate minor should consult with his or her academic advisor. Applications for a designated graduate minor must be completed and submitted for approval to the minor-granting department, and must be approved at least one full semester prior to the candidate’s planned graduation date. The application form for designated graduate minors is available at