Graduate Certificates

Graduate Certificate (Discipline)

Actuarial Science (Mathematics and Statistics)
Advanced Control Systems (Electrical Engineering)
AI, Machine Learning and Automation in Business (Information Science & Technology)
Applied Workplace Psychology (Psychology)
Automation Engineering and PLC (Electrical Engineering)
Big Data Management and Analytics (Computer Science)
Big Data Management and Security (Computer Science)
Business Analytics and Data Science (Information Science & Technology)
Business Essentials (Business Administration)
Business Intelligence (Information Science & Technology)
Business Project Management (Business Administration)
CAD/CAM and Rapid Product Realization (Manufacturing Engineering)
Composite Materials and Structures (Aerospace Engineering /Mechanical Engineering)
Computational Intelligence (Systems Engineering /Computer Engineering /Computer Science)
Contemporary Structural Engineering (Civil Engineering)
Control Systems (Mechanical Engineering)
Cyber Security (Computer Science)
Cybersecurity and Information Assurance Management (Information Science & Technology)
Digital Media and Web Design (Information Science & Technology)
Digital Supply Chain Management (Information Science & Technology)
Electric Machine and Drives (Electrical Engineering)
Electrical Power Systems Engineering (Electrical Engineering)
Electronic and Social Commerce (Information Science & Technology)
Energy Conversion and Transport (Aerospace Engineering /Mechanical Engineering)
Engineering Management (Engineering Management)
Engineering Mechanics (Mechanical Engineering)
Enterprise Resource Planning (Information Science & Technology)
Entrepreneurship & Technological Innovation (Business Administration)
Explosives Engineering (Explosives Engineering)
Explosives Technology (Explosives Engineering)
Finance (Business Administration)
Financial Engineering (Engineering Management /Systems Engineering)
Financial Mathematics (Mathematics)
Financial Technology (Business Administration)
Geoenvironmental Engineering (Civil Engineering)
Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering (Civil Engineering)
Geotechnics (Geotechnics)
Human-Computer Interaction and User Experience (Information Science & Technology)
Human Systems Integration (Engineering Management /Information Science & Technology)
Information Assurance and Security Officer Essentials (Computer Engineering /Computer Science)
Information System Project Management (Information Science & Technology)
Information Systems and Cloud Computing (Computer Science)
Infrastructure Renewal (Civil Engineering)
Lean Six Sigma (Engineering Management)
Management and Leadership (Business Administration)
Management for Sustainable Business (Economics)
Manufacturing Automation (Mechanical Engineering)
Manufacturing Systems (Manufacturing Engineering)
Military Construction Management (Engineering Management)
Military Geological Engineering (Geological Engineering)
Mining Engineering (Mining Engineering)
Mobile Business and Technology (Information Science & Technology)
Model Based Systems Engineering (Systems Engineering)
Network Centric Systems (Computer Engineering /Systems Engineering)
Project Engineering & Construction Mgmt (Civil Engineering /Engineering Management)
Project Management (Engineering Management)
Safety Engineering (Chemical and Biochemical Engineering /Engineering Management)
Software Design and Development (Computer Science)
Statistical Methods in Psychology (Mathematics and Statistics / Psychology)
Statistics (Mathematics and Statistics)
Systems and Software Architecture (Computer Science)
Systems Engineering (Systems Engineering)
Technical Communication (Technical Communication)
Wireless Networks and Mobile Systems (Computer Science)

The Provost is responsible for the administration of all graduate work at Missouri S&T. In cases where your program can be demonstrably improved, the Provost can approve departures from the graduate faculty rules. Each department may have its own rules beyond the general ones listed and should be contacted if further information is desired at:

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