Psychology (PSYCH)

PSYCH 5000 Special Problems (IND 0.0-6.0)

Problems or readings on specific subjects or projects in the department. Consent of instructor required.

PSYCH 5001 Special Topics (LEC 0.0-6.0)

This course is designed to give the department an opportunity to test a new graduate level course. Variable title.

PSYCH 5010 Seminar for Industrial / Organizational Psychology (RSD 3.0)

A seminar course for general overviews of the most recent research in Industrial-Organizational Psychology. Prerequisite: Graduate standing.

PSYCH 5012 Ethics and Professional Responsibilities (LEC 1.0)

Case studies examining the ethical practice of psychology in organizations will be discussed. This will include covering both the legal and ethical standards surrounding the consulting and practice of I-O psychology and personnel management in organizations. Prerequisite: Graduate standing.

PSYCH 5020 Introduction to Industrial-Organizational Psychology (LEC 3.0)

Review of the most recent theoretical and applied research in advanced personnel and organizational psychology. Topics will include personnel selection, training and performance appraisal, job attitudes, motivation, work groups and teams, leadership, organizational culture, and organizational development. Prerequisites: Graduate Standing.

PSYCH 5200 Theories and Practice of Psychological Measurement (LEC 3.0)

An overview of psychological tests and batteries used in a variety of disciplines. An emphasis is placed on the proper development and use of these tests and test batteries. Tests examined will include tests of intelligence, aptitude, personality, and psychopathology. Prerequisite: Psych 4200 or graduate standing.

PSYCH 5201 Psychometrics (LEC 3.0)

An examination of statistical methods used to develop and refine measures of human performance, aptitudes, and personality. Topics include reliability and validity, data reduction, measuring inter-relationships among variables (e.g., factor analysis, multiple regression), and testing group differences. Prerequisite: Psych 5202.

PSYCH 5202 Applied Psychological Data Analysis (LEC 3.0)

This course will focus on those statistical methods most useful for advanced research in psychology. We will learn to use R, a powerful, open-source statistical programming platform, and work through examples with psychological data sets including such techniques as correlation, ANOVAs, regression, and chi-squared. Prerequisite: Graduate standing.

PSYCH 5210 Advanced Research Methods (LEC 3.0)

Research methods and techniques, with an emphasis on conducting psychological research in organizational settings. Topics discussed include: ethics, reliability and validity in measurement and application, proper uses of experimental, quasi-experimental, and survey methodologies, as well as advanced methodologies IRT, SEM, HLM, and Meta-Analyses. Prerequisite: Graduate standing.

PSYCH 5600 Advanced Social Psychology (LEC 3.0)

An advanced study of the behavior of individuals in interaction within groups. Consideration will also be given to the experimental literature dealing with the formal properties of groups, conformity and deviation, intergroup relations, and attitude formation and attitude change. Prerequisite: Psych 4600.

PSYCH 5601 Small Group Dynamics (LEC 3.0)

This course covers group perception, identification, leadership, structure, conflict, cohesion, commitment, performance, norms, roles, influence, and decisions, and groups' relations, networks, and work teams. Students consider both theory and applications to their lives and organizations through observational, research, team and applied assignments. Prerequisite: Psych 4601 or graduate standing.

PSYCH 5602 Organizational Development (LEC 3.0)

Examination of the field of organizational development theories and interventions. An emphasis is placed on research methods and application of practices related to individual processes, group processes, and organizational structures and functions that impact change and development strategies and interventions. Prerequisite: Psych 4602 or graduate standing.

PSYCH 5603 Advanced Social Influence (LEC 3.0)

An in-depth review of the principles and procedures that affect the process of social influence, with consideration given to attitudinal, compliance inducing, and perceptual influences. Students will consider the theoretical implications and practical applications of topics in social influence in the form of independent reading, research proposals and/or projects, and observational assignments. Prerequisite: Psych 4603 or graduate standing.

PSYCH 5700 Job Analysis and Performance Management (LEC 3.0)

A focus on the scientific measurement of job performance. An in-depth discussion of the science and methods of appropriate job and task analysis will be discussed. Additionally, students will focus on current issues in performance management and appraisal including scientific findings related to both objective and subjective measures of performance. Prerequisite: Psych 4700 or graduate standing.

PSYCH 5710 Advanced Human Factors (LEC 3.0)

An in-depth review of the foundations of human factors, focusing on the interaction of people with various forms of technology in a variety of environments. Topics include research and evaluation methods, displays (e.g., visual, auditory), attention and information processing, decision making, motor skills, anthropometry, and biomechanics. (Co-listed with ENG MGT 5330).

PSYCH 5720 Advanced Human-Computer Interaction (LEC 3.0)

This course examines the psychological research and theories that contribute to the field of human-computer interaction. An emphasis will be placed on engaging in critical evaluation of research and applying theoretical knowledge to effectively use computers in organizations. Prerequisite: Psych 4720 or graduate standing.

PSYCH 5730 Environmental Psychology: Research and Practice (LEC 3.0)

An in-depth review of the theoretical perspectives in environmental psychology and the psychological effects of various environments. An emphasis is placed on the review and integration of the research to explain the psychological issues related to various environments as well as to understand ways to effectively design living, educational, work, and recreational environments. Prerequisite: Psych 4730 or graduate standing.

PSYCH 6085 Internship (IND 0.0-6.0)

Students will apply critical thinking skills and discipline specific knowledge in a work setting based on a project designed by the advisor and employee. Activities will vary depending on the student's background and the setting. Requires a major report. Prerequisites: Completed Core and Methods courses; instructor consent.

PSYCH 6099 Research (IND 0.0-6.0)

Investigations of an advanced nature leading to the preparation of a thesis or dissertation. Prerequisites: Consent of instructor required.

PSYCH 6602 Employee Affect and Behavior (LEC 3.0)

Theory and research surrounding employee attitudes, emotions, and behaviors with an emphasis on antecedents and outcomes of: job satisfaction, engagement, organizational justice, trait and state positive and negative affect, organizational citizenship, counterproductive work, and proactive behaviors and the Implications for both employees and organizations. Prerequisite: Psych 5010.

PSYCH 6610 Leadership, Motivation, and Culture (LEC 3.0)

Examination of research related to leadership, motivation, and the impact of organizational culture on organizational performance will be discussed. The course will focus on the application of psychological theories to enhance organizational functioning and to promote positive workplace behaviors. Prerequisite: Psych 5010.

PSYCH 6611 Leadership for Engineers (LEC 3.0)

Provides engineers with a background in leadership concepts and principles; enables students to develop practical skills in leading and managing through multiple personal assessment. Topics include leadership styles, managing commitments, conflict resolution, change management, emotional intelligence, team dynamics and business ethics. Prerequisite: Eng Mgt 5110 or Psych 4602. (Co-listed with Eng Mgt 6112).

PSYCH 6700 Training and Development (LEC 3.0)

Psychological theories of learning will be covered. Students will learn how evaluate training needs in an organization as well as how to subsequently develop, implement, and validate a training program in an organizational context. Prerequisite: Psych 5700.

PSYCH 6702 Personnel Selection (LEC 3.0)

Current trends and methods in personnel recruitment and selection including classification, and promotion will be examined. An emphasis will be placed on legal and methodological considerations that can impact proper testing and assessment procedures. Cognitive abilities, personality, physical abilities, and other non-cognitive assessments will be discussed. Prerequisite: Psych 5700.