New Student Programs

New Student Programs is responsible for the campus orientation programs, which includes Preview, Registration, and Orientation (PRO); opening week orientation; transfer transitions orientation; opening week; mentors; and PRO leaders. New Student Programs serves to orient and welcome new students to Missouri S&T; facilitates the transition to college life through interaction with faculty/staff members, peers and upperclassmen; provides information concerning academics; resources on campus; builds the foundation for future success; and introduces the concepts of professional development and leadership.

During a one-day PRO session in the spring or summer, incoming students take placement exams; learn more about student success; campus resources; living options; obtain their miner card (campus ID); activate computer accounts; and meet with an academic advisor to determine students’ fall class schedules. Opening week orientation takes place the week before fall classes. This program includes new student convocation, participation in student mentor groups, academic workshops, team projects, and activities that will assist with a positive transition to S&T.

PRO Leaders are a selected group of student leaders for the New Student Program’s office with primary duties consisting of assisting with planning and executing programs for new students and their families during PRO days, transfer transitions, and opening week.

Burns & McDonnell Student Success Center

The Student Success Center is to serve all Missouri S&T students as a campus resource that will provide high quality customer service, effective information, and support as students persist in their journey towards their educational goals.

The Student Success Center is a centralized location, 198 Toomey Hall, designed for students to visit and feel comfortable about utilizing the campus resources available. The Student Success Center was developed as a campus wide initiative to foster a sense of responsibility and self-directness to all S&T students by providing peer mentors, caring staff, and approachable faculty and administrators who are student-centered and supportive of student success.

The objectives of the Student Success Center are to: coordinate and support programs and retention efforts that foster student success at Missouri S&T; collaborate with academic and non-academic departments on resources available to help enrich students’ educational experiences; guide students on the path to success by providing referrals to appropriate campus departments and resources to help them achieve at the best of their ability and reach their educational goals.

Student Success Coaches and Tutors are two selected groups of student leaders assisting the Student Success Center with duties consisting of: planning and executing student success programs; developing success plans for students; serving as a mentor for students; referring students to resources; tutoring students in various areas.

Student Veterans Resource Center

The Student Veterans Resource Center (SVRC) is designed to empower and educate all student veterans/military on utilizing the campus tools and resources to be successful students. The SVRC was developed as a campus wide initiative dedicated to our student veterans by providing a comfortable and resourceful study area; success coaches; peer mentors; knowledgeable and caring staff; effective programs and events; approachable faculty and administrator who are supportive of student success for all veterans on the S&T campus.

Veterans' Consuls are a selected group of student leaders assisting the Student Veterans Resource Center with duties consisting of:  Planning and executing success programs; Developing success plans for students; Serving as a mentor for current students; Referring students to resources.

Miner Card

The miner card (campus ID card), is required for all students. The miner card features: student’s photograph, name, signature, and emergency contact phone numbers. Students should treat their miner card with the same care as you would an ATM or credit card. The miner card can be used at the The S&T Store, Gale Bullman Multi-Purpose Building (athletics), Missouri S&T Library, building/room access, on-campus dinning, entitles students to sporting and theater special events, discounts at restaurants and businesses. Lost or found miner card should be reported to the miner card ID office in 106 Centennial Hall or by calling 573-341-4051.

The miner card is the property of the Missouri University of Science and Technology and is non-transferable. This card provides the valid bearer with privileged access to designated university facilities and services. It should be carried at all times and presented upon request.