Writing Center


The Writing Center supports the development of writing skills among undergraduate students across disciplines. Writing is important for professionals in all fields, and Missouri S&T graduates report that communication skills have been crucial to their professional success. Writing, however, is not a skill that can be acquired in a single course or semester; rather, writing proficiency develops throughout a college career and over the course of a lifetime. Improvement comes only with practice and constructive criticism. Writing Center services offer feedback, guidance, resources, and encouragement to help students become better writers so that they can succeed both academically and professionally.

Writing Consultations

The most important way we support student writers is through peer writing consultations, a key part of the academic experience at Missouri S&T. Many hundreds of students schedule consultations each semester, often for multiple assignments. Our consultants are undergraduate students who represent a wide range of majors. They have been identified by professors and Writing Center staff as among the best student writers on campus. Each consultant receives intensive and ongoing training to help other students become strong writers as well. Consultants work individually with students on all types of documents, including essays, research papers, laboratory reports, proposals, résumés, and more. They can help at any stage of the writing process, from understanding the assignment to organizing ideas and revising drafts. Consultants are trained to help students identify areas for improvement and teach them how to make those improvements most effectively. Consultations are free, and students can schedule consultations for as many drafts or documents as they wish throughout the semester.

Additional Services

The Writing Center offers a range of writing resources in addition to consultations. We maintain a library of citation style guides, grammar handbooks, and information on writing specific types of documents; these are available for student use at any time during office or consultation hours. We also offer a series of handouts on specific writing topics; these are free, and many are available on our website. Writing Center staff periodically offer workshops and presentations related to writing; a schedule of these presentations can be found on our website. Finally, a computer learning center located in 114 Campus Support facility (adjacent to the Writing Center) is equipped with writing, editing, and desktop publishing software, as well as printers, scanners, and Smartboard technology. This facility is available to students when not in use for classes or workshops.

Writing Center facilities and services are available to all Missouri S&T undergraduates free of charge. The Writing Center is located in 113 Campus Support Facility. Its hours vary each semester, and they are posted on our website at http://writingcenter.mst.edu. Students may drop in whenever the Writing Center is open, but they are encouraged to use our online scheduling tool to make appointments.