Fellowships, Research Assistantships, Teaching Assistantships and Graduate Assistants

Institutional financial assistance of four types is available to graduate students at Missouri S&T: graduate teaching assistantships, graduate research assistantships, graduate assistants, and fellowships.

Graduate Teaching Assistantships

Part-time teaching is mandatory in some departments, to help students achieve professional experience and self-development. Departmental policies on this matter vary and inquiry should be made to the appropriate chair. Permissible schedules for graduate students holding part-time teaching appointments are described under “Permissible Schedules.” Remuneration varies according to the number of academic hours taught. Half-time assistantships for the academic year require 20 hours per week of effort. In-state student status for fee purposes is awarded to all graduate assistants employed 25 percent time or more.

Graduate Research Assistantships

Graduate research assistantships are offered in all departments. Half-time graduate assistant stipends may be available. Holders of assistantships devote approximately 20 hours per week to laboratory effort and are, therefore, limited to a maximum of 12 credit hours of academic study per semester. Graduate instructorships require full-time teaching effort and are appointed only under exceptional circumstances. Research credits toward a degree may require effort beyond that required of the appointment. A number of positions are available during the summer months. In-state student status for fee purposes is awarded to all graduate assistants employed 25 percent time or more.

Research Assistantships

A number of research projects sponsored by federal agencies or other donors carry graduate research assistantships. The stipends and tenures vary according to the particular grant, but they are usually comparable with other assistantship figures. Specific information can be obtained from the department involved. Recipients work on a specified research program under the supervision of a member of the professional staff.

Other Research Assistantships

A number of research assistantships are offered each year in conjunction with Missouri S&T research centers. The research performed may supplement other credited research in the preparation of theses and dissertations.

Applicants must have a bachelor of science degree or its equivalent, have had the proper training in the required field of study and be qualified for admittance to graduate standing while doing research work. Fellows must register as candidates for one of the advanced degrees (master of science or doctor of philosophy).

Graduate Fellowships

There are a number of fellowships and scholarships available to graduate students. A compilation of various funding opportunities can be found at https://grad.mst.edu/future-students/funding/.

Student Diversity and Academic Support Programs

The student diversity and academic support programs are designed to promote and support under-represented minority (African American, Hispanic American, and Native American) students with special emphasis on those who are pursuing engineering or science degrees.

The student diversity and academic support programs also provides opportunities for professional development activities, networking events, and opportunities to participate in regional and national conferences. Missouri S&T is also a member of the National Consortium for Graduate Degrees for Minorities in Engineering and Science, Inc. (GEM).

Miscellaneous Grants and Awards

Several miscellaneous awards also are available for graduate students in various disciplines. Research programs are carried on in a variety of fields and are sponsored by such donors as the National Science Foundation, various government agencies, and industrial companies. The periods of award and the amounts of the stipends vary according to the qualifications of the applicant and the funds available.

All graduate teaching assistants, graduate research assistants, graduate assistants, fellows, and holders of industrial fellowships must pay the regular fees required for enrollment as graduate students at Missouri S&T. However, many of the fellowships do provide for payment of these fees from fellowship funds and waive out-of-state fees.