Mining Engineering (MIN ENG)

MIN ENG 1912 Principles Of Mining Engineering (LEC 2.0)

Principles and definitions related to mining engineering including one or more field trips to familiarize the student with current mining practices.

MIN ENG 1913 Computing In Mining Engineering (LAB 1.0)

Basic software needed by mining engineers for computer applications in various phases of mine planning, development, and operations will be covered. The overarching goal is developing early familiarity with relevant software so it can be integrated across mining engineering courses.

MIN ENG 2002 Cooperative Engineer Training (IND 0.0-6.0)

On-the-job experience gained through cooperative education with industry, with credit arranged through departmental cooperative advisor. Grade received depends on quality of reports submitted and work supervisor's evaluation.

MIN ENG 2126 Introduction To Mining Safety (LAB 1.0)

Safety aspects of mining in accordance with the MSHA Training Program required for all new miners. Subjects include self-rescue and respiratory protection, ground control, hazard recognition, mine gases, and legal aspects associated with mining.

MIN ENG 2412 Principles Of Mineral Processing (LAB 1.0 and LEC 2.0)

Introduction to the principles of mineral processing including mineral resources; particle comminution, classification, separation and dewatering; flowsheet and equipment design.

MIN ENG 2914 Surface Mine Design (LAB 2.0 and LEC 1.0)

Surface mining methods. Conventional methods for ore reserves estimation. Geomechanics, geometrics and computer-aided mine design, haul roads and waste dump design and layouts optimization. Materials scheduling and sequencing using a commercially available mine design software. Prerequisite: Min Eng 1912.

MIN ENG 2924 Underground Mine Design (LAB 2.0 and LEC 1.0)

Underground mining methods. Parametric statistics and introductory geostatistics. Geomechanics, geometrics and computer-aided mine design. Empirical and numerical methods for mine openings, pillar and roof span design; caving and ore drawing mechanics. Materials scheduling and sequencing using commercially available software. Prerequisite: Min Eng 1912 and Min Eng 2914.

MIN ENG 2925 Surveying For Mineral Engineers (LAB 2.0)

Principles of surface and underground survey practice utilizing total station, engineer's level and GPS. Traversing and details, note taking and computations, balancing surveys and error analysis, staking-out new points, and map construction with AutoCAD. Prerequisite: Preceded or accompanied by Min Eng 2126.

MIN ENG 3000 Special Problems (IND 0.0-6.0)

Problems or readings on specific subjects or projects in the department. Consent of instructor required.

MIN ENG 3001 Special Topics (IND 0.0-6.0)

This course is designed to give the department an opportunity to test a new course. Variable title.

MIN ENG 3002 Mine Rescue (LAB 1.0 and LEC 2.0)

Utilization of the principles of mine safety concerning mine gases, ventilation, explosives, fires, and first aid in the organization of mine rescue personnel and techniques. Training in the use of current mine rescue equipment, recognition and control of common recovery hazards, handling of survivors. Prerequisite: Min Eng 2126.

MIN ENG 3512 Mining Industry Economics (LEC 3.0)

Importance of the mineral industry to national economy, uses, distribution, and trade of economic minerals, time value of money, mineral taxation, economic evaluation utilizing depreciation, depletion, and discounted cashflow concepts, social and economical significance of mineral resources. Prerequisite: Econ 1100 or 1200. (Co-listed with Econ 3512).

MIN ENG 3912 Materials Handling In Mines (LAB 1.0 and LEC 2.0)

Mining applications of material transport and handling. Truck haulage and haulroads. Conveyors: belt, armored, and others; feeders; bins and bunkers; material stockpiling and homogenization; rail transport; water transport; slurry transport; mine hoists and hoisting. Prerequisite: Min Eng 1912.

MIN ENG 3913 Mineral Identification and Exploration (LAB 1.0 and LEC 2.0)

Characterization of mineral deposits. Ore body definition. Mineral Exploration techniques. Sample methods, errors and mitigation. Rock Identification and application of Geological Sciences. Hands-on lab to understand geologic concepts. Prerequisites: Either both Chem 1310 and Chem 1319 or Chem 1351; either Geo Eng 1150 or Geology 1110.

MIN ENG 4000 Special Problems (IND 0.0-6.0)

Problems or readings on specific subjects or projects in the department. Consent of instructor required.

MIN ENG 4001 Special Topics (LEC 0.0-6.0)

This course is designed to give the department an opportunity to test a new course. Variable title.

MIN ENG 4096 Computer Aided Mine Design (LAB 3.0)

Mine planning and design using commercial software. Orebody description. Surface mining: geometric design, pit limits, and production planning. Underground mining: development planning, opening and support design, ventilation and production planning. Group projects with real-world mining data. Preparation for capstone design project. Prerequisites: Min Eng 5522, Min Eng 5932, and Min Eng 5933.

MIN ENG 4097 Capstone Design Project (LAB 3.0 and LEC 1.0)

Capstone project with written and oral presentations. Includes mine design and optimization, production plan, equipment and flowsheet design based on geology, resources/reserves, geotechnics, hydrology and hydro-geology. Project also incorporates markets, environmental and permitting, mine-mill organization, support facilities, economic and risk analyses. Prerequisite: Min Eng 4096.

MIN ENG 4099 Undergraduate Research (IND 0.0-6.0)

Designed for the undergraduate student who wishes to engage in research. Not for graduate credit. Not more than six credit hours allowed for graduation credit. Subject and credit to be arranged with the instructor.

MIN ENG 4122 Advanced Mine Health and Safety (LEC 3.0)

A detailed study of health and safety principles, practices, analyses, regulations, risks and hazards recognition, mitigation and control, and disaster prevention in the mining industry. Prerequisite: Min Eng 2126.

MIN ENG 4414 Mine Plant Management (LEC 2.0)

Optimization of mine plant and equipment performance. Availability, utilization and reliability of equipment; matching equipment and plant to minesite specific conditions; maintenance planning, scheduling and control; parts and materials supply systems; mine information and management systems. Basics of mine automation and robotics. Prerequisite: Senior standing or consent of instructor.

MIN ENG 4512 Mine Management (LEC 3.0)

Theory and practice of mine management, including basic managerial functions, management theories, communication skills, motivation, leadership, organization, maintenance management, managerial decision making, cost control, labor relations, government relations, ethics and risks management with emphasis in presentation skills. Prerequisite: Completion of 50 credits toward Mining Engineering degree. (Co-listed ECON 4512).

MIN ENG 4523 Environmental And Natural Resource Economics (LEC 3.0)

Optimum use of replenishable and non-replenishable resources, public goods and common resources, externalities, private vs. public costs, and quality of the environment; emphasis on public policy related to environmental and natural resource economics. Prerequisite: Econ 1100. (Co-listed with Econ 4440).

MIN ENG 4524 Energy Economics (LEC 3.0)

For students interested in both economic and engineering issues of energy policy. Provides an assessment of economics and technology issues related to traditional and renewable energy resources. Presented in a framework that allows for analysis of the economic trade-offs between energy sources and the technologies associated with their use and extraction. Prerequisite: Econ 1100 or Econ 1200. (Co-listed with Econ 4540).

MIN ENG 4824 Soils and Overburden Materials for Mining Engineering (LEC 2.0)

Physical and mechanical properties of soils and overburden materials. Soils and overburden characterization for reclamation and mine closure and overburden blasting. Soil failure modes and slope stability for surface mine layouts, waste dumps, tailings and earth dams, and foundations for heavy mining machinery. Prerequisites: Civ Eng 2210.

MIN ENG 4922 Tunneling & Underground Construction Techniques (LAB 1.0 and LEC 2.0)

Cover both mechanical excavation and conventional excavation techniques to underground tunneling and construction. The emphasis will be on equipment selection and prediction of performance expected of the equipment. Ground control systems will be covered as technology emerges. Excavation methods and support of large caverns, often found in civil structures, will also be discussed. A limited focus will be on underground construction specifications and underground advance rate and cost estimation techniques. Prerequisites: Min Eng 4823, Min Eng 4932 or Civ Eng 3715, Civ Eng 3116 or Geo Eng 5471.

MIN ENG 5000 Special Problems (IND 0.0-6.0)

Problems or readings on specific subjects or projects in the department. Consent of the instructor required.

MIN ENG 5001 Special Topics (LEC 0.0-6.0)

This course is designed to give the department an opportunity to test a new course. Variable title.

MIN ENG 5113 Mine Atmosphere Control (LAB 1.0 and LEC 2.0)

Fundamentals of mine ventilation, including the principles of airflow, control of gases, dust, and temperature, methane drainage, mine fans, network theory, computer network simulation, and economics of airflow, with emphasis on analysis, systems design and practical application. Prerequisite: Mech Eng 2527 and Civ Eng 3330; or Nuc Eng 3221.

MIN ENG 5212 Aggregates and Quarrying (LEC 3.0)

Advanced coverage of topics on the stone and aggregate industry, including surface and underground operations, plant equipment, economics, marketing, transportation, and environmental topics. The course will include at least one field trip and a design project. Prerequisite: Min Eng 3912; Preceded or accompanied by Civ Eng 3116.

MIN ENG 5322 Coal Mining Methods (LEC 3.0)

An in-depth study of all aspects of coal mining, including an overview of the coal industry, reserves and geology, planning and development of coal mines, surface and underground mechanized methods of face preparation, equipment, coal extraction, handling and preparation as practiced in the United States. Prerequisites: Min Eng 5912.

MIN ENG 5412 Aggregates Materials Sizing and Characterization (LAB 1.0 and LEC 2.0)

Geological formation of aggregates; aggregate properties and their measurements; aggregates for specific end-user applications; specifications and standards; processing (crushing, screening, classification, and washing); plant design and flow sheet analysis; quality control and assurance. Field trip to a nearby quarry required. Prerequisite: Min Eng 2412.

MIN ENG 5413 Material Processing by High Pressure Water Jet (LEC 3.0)

Methods of generating high pressure water jets; standard equipment, existing techniques and basic calculations. Applications of water jets to materials cutting and mineral processing. Safety rules. The course will be supported by laboratory demonstrations. (Co-listed with Mech Eng 5606).

MIN ENG 5422 Coal Preparation (LAB 1.0 and LEC 2.0)

Coal properties, sampling, testing, breaking, sizing, cleaning and dewatering. Disposal of refuse. Prerequisite: Min Eng 2412.

MIN ENG 5423 Flotation and Hydrometallurgy (LAB 1.0 and LEC 2.0)

Forth flotation including mineral surfaces, double layer theory, zeta potential, hydrophbicity, adsorption, collectors, frothers, modulation, kinetics, and sulphide and acid flotation systems. Hydrometallurgy including leaching, ion exchange and liquid/liquid extraction. Prerequisites: Min Eng 2412.

MIN ENG 5424 Mineral Processing II Mechanics And Design (LAB 1.0 and LEC 2.0)

Mineral particle mechanics of comminution, sizing, classification, concentration, filtering and thickening. Mill and equipment selection and design including flowsheet, development and plant assessment. Prerequisites: Min Eng 2412. (Co-listed with Met Eng 5270).

MIN ENG 5522 Ore Reserve Analysis and Geostatistics (LAB 1.0 and LEC 2.0)

Principles of geostatistics, theory of spatially correlated random variables, variance and co-variances and their application on the evaluation of mineral resources, ore reserve estimation, strategic exploration, and production planning. Real case studies from mining industry will be presented. Prerequisites: Math 3304; Stat 3113 or Stat 3115.

MIN ENG 5532 Advanced Mining Economics (LEC 3.0)

Mining industry & national economics. Social & economics significance of mined commodities. Marketing of mined commodities. Innovation approaches to mine financing, project loans, and leasing. Mining feasibility studies, government influence & policy, mining industry foreign investment, investment strategies, mining taxation, cost predictions. Case Studies.

MIN ENG 5612 Principles of Explosives Engineering (LAB 1.0 and LEC 2.0)

Theory and application of explosives in the mining industry; explosives, initiating systems, characteristics of explosive reactions and rock breakage, fundamentals of blast design, drilling and blasting, regulatory and safety considerations. Prerequisites: Min Eng 2126; successful background check. (Co-listed with Exp Eng 5612).

MIN ENG 5622 Blasting Design And Technology (LAB 1.0 and LEC 2.0)

Advanced theory and application of explosives in excavation; detailed underground blast design; specialized blasting including blast casting, construction and pre-splitting. Introduction to blasting research. Examination of field applications. Prerequisites: Min Eng 5612. Student must be at least 21 years of age. Successful background check. (Co-listed with Exp Eng 5622).

MIN ENG 5742 Environmental Aspects of Mining (LEC 3.0)

Permitting: the legal environment of reclamation and environmental impact assessment; post-mining land-use selection and mine planning for optimum reclamation of all mines: metal, nonmetal, and coal; unit operations of reclamation: drainage, backfill, soil replacement, revegetation, maintenance, etc. Prerequisites: Preceded or accompanied by Min Eng 5933 or Geo Eng 5441 or Env Eng 5619. (Co-listed with Geo Eng 5276).

MIN ENG 5822 Strata Control (LEC 3.0)

A detailed review of artificial ground support, both above and below ground, including slope stabilization techniques and shaft and tunnel liner design. The use of shotcrete, roofbolts, and solid liners and the principles of underground longwall and room and pillar mine support. Longwall and hydraulic mining practice is covered. Prerequisite: Min Eng 5823.

MIN ENG 5823 Rock Mechanics (LAB 1.0 and LEC 2.0)

Applications of the fundamental principles of mechanics to engineering problems of equilibrium, strength and stiffness of rock materials. Review of in-situ stresses, laboratory and field instrumentation, rock and rockmass properties. Ground Control; pillar design, roof span design, rock reinforcement, surface subsidence, slope stability, and violent failure. Prerequisites:Physics 2135; Civ Eng 2210; Geology 3310. Field trip required.

MIN ENG 5912 Mine Power and Drainage (LAB 1.0 and LEC 2.0)

Engineering principles of mine power distribution and application and mine dewatering. Basics of electrical circuits, AC/DC power, transformers, electric meters, power distribution, and power management. Hydraulic power systems. Compressed air in mines. Mine dewatering. Controlling water inflow. Dewatering wells. Water pumping and pumping systems. Prerequisite: Mech Eng 2527 and Civ Eng 3330; or Nuc Eng 3221.

MIN ENG 5913 Advanced Computer Aided Mine Design (LAB 1.0 and LEC 2.0)

Project-based mine planning and design course. Engineering design process applied to computer-aided mine planning and design. Mine layouts, production planning, and materials scheduling optimization. Prerequisite: Graduate standing.

MIN ENG 5922 Tunneling & Underground Construction Techniques (LAB 1.0 and LEC 2.0)

Mechanical and conventional excavation techniques in underground tunneling and construction. Topics include tunneling layouts design, equipment and performance modeling, ground control systems including support, drainage, and structural integrity. Construction specifications, advance rate and contractual and cost estimation. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor. (Co-listed with Exp Eng 5922).

MIN ENG 5932 Underground Mining Methods (LEC 3.0)

Principles of planning, constructing, and operating economically viable underground mines. Cost effective mining methods: room-and-pillar, sublevel open stoping, VCR, shrinkage, sublevel caving, cut-and-fill, block caving, longwall. Selection of equipment for underground mining operations. Optimization of mine performance. Field trip Required. Prerequisite: Preceded or accompanied by Min Eng 3913.

MIN ENG 5933 Surface Mining Methods (LEC 3.0)

Principles of planning, constructing, and operating economically viable surface mines. Cost effective mining methods: placer mining, strip mining, open pit mining, quarrying. Selection of equipment for surface mining operations. Optimization of mine performance. Field trip required. Prerequisites: Min Eng 3912; Min Eng 3512; preceded or accompanied by Min Eng 5823.