Center for Biomedical Science and Engineering (CBSE)

223 McNutt Hall
Mohamed N. Rahaman (Director)

Research Investigators

D. Barua (Chemical & Biochemical Engineering); S. Barua (Chemical & Biochemical Engieering); R.K. Brow (Materials Science & Engineering); S. Chellappan (Computer Science); D.E. Day (Materials Science & Engineering); X. Huang (Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering); Y-W. Huang (Biological Sciences); C-S. Kim (Electrical & Computer Engineering); H-K. Lee (Mining & Nuclear Engineering); M.C. Leu (Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering); X. Liang (Chemical & Biochemical Engineering); Y. Ma (Chemistry); J. Park (Chemical & Biochemical Engineering); J. Semon (Biological Sciences); H. Shi (Chemistry); Z. Yin (Computer Science); C. Wang (mechanical & Aerosapce Engineering); D.J. Westenberg (Biological Sciences)

The Center for Biomedical Science and Engineering (CBSE) is a multidisciplinary research center with a mission to research and develop advanced biomaterials and biomedical devices for the repair and regeneration of bone and soft tissues.

The objectives of the CBSE are to:

  • Promote interdisciplinary collaboration that enhances the rate of scientific discovery and technological advances to develop the next generation of biomaterials and biomedical devices
  • Enhance facilities and equipment for research in biomaterials and biomedical devices
  • Develop research and education programs to train the next generation of biomedical/biomaterials engineers, providing a future workforce for the vital biotechnology industry in Missouri and the US
  • Promote technology transfer and entrepreneurship to commercialize new knowledge, which should improve patient outcomes and expand economic development in Missouri and the US

Key research and development areas include:

  • Bioactive glass science and engineering
  • Biomaterials for bone repair, wound healing and tissue engineering application
  • Nanoparticles for drug delivery and cancer detection
  • Biomarkers for early detection of cancer
  • Biosensors and bioimaging devices to monitor tissue healing and healthcare
  • Biofabrication of implants and medical devices

To contact us, please visit our web page at or e-mail: or call 573-341-4711.

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