Center for Infrastructure Engineering Studies (CIES)

223 Engineering Research Lab
Kamal H. Khayat (Director)
Genda Chen (Associate Director)


Soo-duck Hwang (Senior Research Scientist); Jason Cox (Senior Research Specialist); Abigayle Sherman (Program/Project Support Specialist); Gayle Spitzmiller (Administrative Assistant); John Bullock (Research Engineering Technician I); Cheryl Geisler (Secretary).


Neil Anderson (GSE); Bate Bate (CArE); Victor Birman (EEC); K. Chandrashekhara (MAE); Genda Chen (CArE); Maggie Cheng (CS); Kristen M. Donnell (ECE); Mohamed A. Elgawady (CArE); Dimitri Feys (CArE); Mao Chen Ge (MNE); M. Tayeb Ghasr (ECE); Abhijit Gosavi (EMSE); Xiaoming He (Math); Alireza Hurson (CS); Ryan Scott Hutcheson (MAE); Kamal Khayat (CArE); Edward Kinzel (MAE); Dincer Konur (EMSE); Nicholas Leventis (Chem); Suzanna Long (EMSE); Ronaldo Luna (CArE); Norbert Maerz (GSE); John J. Myers (CArE); Matt O'Keefe (MSE); Joontaek Park (ChemE); David Pommerenke (ECE); Shamsher Prakash (CArE), Ruwen Qin (EMSE); David Richardson (CArE); William P. Schonberg (CArE), Sahra Sedigh (ECE); John William Sheffield (MAE); Honglan Shi (Chem); Brian Keith Smith (EMSE); Lesley Sneed (CArE); Evgeniy Torgashov (GSE); Jianmin Wang (CArE); Cheng Hsiao Wu (ECE); Donald C. Wunsch (Electrical & Computer Engineering); Y. Rosa Zheng (ECE); Reza Zoughi (ECE).

The Center for Infrastructure Engineering Studies (CIES) was created through the University of Missouri's Mission Enhancement Program at the Rolla campus. The center provides research expertise in the area of buildings and civil infrastructure and infrastructure management. The mission of CIES is to provide leadership in research and education for solving the problems affecting the nation's infrastructure systems. CIES is the primary conduit for communication among those on the Missouri S&T campus interested in infrastructure studies. The center provides coordination for collaborative, interdisciplinary efforts with emphasis on: (1) the development of advanced sustainable materials for infrastructure construction and rehabilitation; (2) deployment of advanced design methods to resist extreme events, such as earthquakes; and (3) development and use of novel, non-destructive techniques to assess damage and structural health monitoring of infrastructure.

Interdisciplinary research and development with projects tailored to address needs of federal agencies, state agencies, and private industry; technology transfer and continuing distance education to the engineering community and industry.

CIES is the home of the University Transportation Center (UTC) entitled RE-CAST (Research on Concrete Applications for Sustainable Transportation).  Missouri S&T leads this Tier-1 UTC in partnership with Rutgers University, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Southern University at Baton Rouge and University of Miami.  The Center carries out multi-scale and multi-disciplinary studies to investigate the use of innovative materials and structural systems to enhance the durability and sustainability of the transportation infrastructure. The focus areas of the Center are: (1) high-performance concrete with adapted rheology; (2) sustainable pavement construction; and (3) novel fiber-reinforced composites.

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