Academic Resources On Campus

“Learning Enhancement Across Disciplines” (LEAD) Program

The LEAD program offers learning forums for students who wish to increase their understanding, improve their skills, and validate their mastery of concepts and techniques in a wide range of courses. LEAD sponsors learning centers and tutoring for courses currently listed at Our goal is to assist students in achieving their full potential.

LEAD Learning Centers

The LEAD program sponsors open-environment Learning Centers for many courses in more than ten departments. Discipline-based faculty and undergraduate peer instructors staff the centers during fixed hours each week. Students are encouraged to work in collaborative groups to solve problems and to develop solution strategies – guided and validated by the instructional experts on duty. The centers are designed not only to assist students with course content, but to also help them gain professional skills in communication, problem solving and teamwork.

LEAD Peer Tutoring

Scheduled walk-in peer tutoring is available for over twenty foundational courses at S&T. It focuses on individual and small-group interactive assistance. Our undergraduate LEAD tutors are accomplished in the course material, trained by professional staff, and communicate with LEAD faculty mentors in the associated disciplines.

Check out the current schedule of LEAD academic assistance at or call the LEAD office at 573-341-4608 for more information.

Sources of Academic Assistance at Missouri S&T

There are several sources of academic assistance at Missouri S&T that students can access to improve their understanding of and proficiency with course material and learning process.

  • Burns and McDonnell Student Success Center:  Students’ one stop shop for guidance to campus resources and support, one-on-one training available, 198 Toomey Hall, 573-341-7596, 
  • Counseling CenterStudy skill reference material at the Van Matre Resource Center, 204 Norwood Hall, 573-341-4211,
  • Library:  Great study or meeting facility with broad learning resources, 573-341-4227,
  • Math Help Program:  Mathematics and Statistics department, 202 Rolla Building, 573-341-4641,
  • Professors:  Clarify concepts or refer students to peers or resources that can provide academic assistance
  • Student Veterans Resource Center:  To empower and educate all student veterans/military on utilizing the campus tools and resources to be successful students, 610 W. 10th St. (ground floor), 573-341-6117,
  • Writing Center New facility with state-of-the-art computers, all the latest software, and a staff of highly trained, motivated, and friendly peer writing tutors, 113 Campus Support Facility, 573-341-4436,