Academic Support

Burns & McDonnell Student Success Center

The Student Success Center is to serve all Missouri S&T students as a campus resource that will provide high quality customer service, effective information, and support as students persist in their journey towards their educational goals.

The Student Success Center is a centralized location, 198 Toomey Hall, designed for students to visit and feel comfortable about utilizing the campus resources available. The Student Success Center was developed as a campus wide initiative to foster a sense of responsibility and self-directness to all S&T students by providing peer mentors, caring staff, and approachable faculty and administrators who are student-centered and supportive of student success.

The objectives of the Student Success Center are to: coordinate and support programs and retention efforts that foster student success at Missouri S&T; collaborate with academic and non-academic departments on resources available to help enrich students’ educational experiences; guide students on the path to success by providing referrals to appropriate campus departments and resources to help them achieve at the best of their ability and reach their educational goals.

Student Success Coaches and Tutors are two selected groups of student leaders assisting the Student Success Center with duties consisting of: planning and executing student success programs; developing success plans for students; serving as a mentor for students; referring students to resources; tutoring students in various areas.

Student Veterans Resource Center

The Student Veterans Resource Center (SVRC) is designed to empower and educate all student veterans/military on utilizing the campus tools and resources to be successful students. The SVRC was developed as a campus wide initiative dedicated to our student veterans by providing a comfortable and resourceful study area; success coaches; peer mentors; knowledgeable and caring staff; effective programs and events; approachable faculty and administrator who are supportive of student success for all veterans on the S&T campus.

Veterans' Consuls are a selected group of student leaders assisting the Student Veterans Resource Center with duties consisting of:  Planning and executing success programs; Developing success plans for students; Serving as a mentor for current students; Referring students to resources.