University of Missouri System
Mun Y. Choi, President

University of Missouri System Board of Curators
Full list at University of Missouri Board of Curators

Missouri University of Science and Technology
Mohammad Dehghani, Chancellor
Chancellor Dehghani's Leadership Team

Missouri S&T Named Professorships

Magdy A. Abdelrahman, Missouri Asphalt Pavement Association (MAPA) Endowed Professorship in Flexible Pavements in Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering
Kwame Awuah-Offei, Union Pacific Foundation/Rocky Mountain Energy Co. Professorship
Baojun Bai, Lester Birbeck Endowed Chair
Laura Bartlett, Materials Science and Engineering, Robert V. Wolf Professorship in Metallurgical Engineering
David M. Borrok, Gulf Oil Foundation Professorship
Genda Chen, Robert W. Abbett Distinguished Chair in Civil Engineering
Anthony Convertine, Roberta and G. Robert Couch Professorship in Materials Science and Engineering
TBD, Fred W. Finley Distinguished Professorship of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Sajal Das, Daniel St. Clair Endowed Chair in Computer Science
Islam Eladaway, Hurst McCarthy Endowed Professorship in Construction Engineering and Management (CEM)
Nuran Ercal, Richard K. Vitek/FCR Endowed Chair in Biochemistry
TBD, Cynthia Tang Missouri Professorship in Computer Engineering
Samuel Frimpong, Robert H. Quenon Missouri Endowed Chair in Mining Engineering
Jie Huang, Roy A. Wilkens Missouri Telecommunications Professorship in Electrical and Computer Engineering
Kamal Khayat, Vernon and Maralee Jones Endowed Professorship
Ming Leu, Keith and Pat Bailey Missouri Professorship in Mechanical Engineering and Aerospace Engineering
Xinhua Liang, Linda and Bipin Doshi Chemical Engineering Professorship
Frank Liou, Michael and Joyce Bytner Product Innovation and Creativity Professorship
Robert J. Marley, Robert B. Koplar Professorship of Engineering Management
Ronald J. O'Malley, F. Kenneth Iverson Chair of Steelmaking Technologies
David Rogers, Karl F. Hasselman Missouri Chair in Geological and Petroleum Engineering
Jagannathan Sarangapani, Rutledge-Emerson Professor in Electrical Engineering
Pourya Shamsi, Woodard Associate Professorship for Excellence
Joseph D. Smith, Laufer Endowed Chair in Energy
TBD, Castleman/FCR Missouri Professorship of Discovery in Chemistry
TBD, Maxwell C. Weiner Professorship in English and Technical Communications
Xiaoming Wang, Inaugural Gary W. Havener Endowed Chair of Mathematics and Statistics
Donald Wunsch, Mary K. Finley Missouri Professorship in Computer Engineering
Hu Yang, Linda and Bipin Doshi Chair in Chemical Engineering
TBD, Schlumberger Distinguished Professor in Electrical and Computer Engineering

Curators’ Distinguished Professors

Muthanna H. Al-Dahhan of chemical and biochemical engineering
Harlan Anderson of ceramic engineering (emeritus)
Martin Bohner of mathematics and statistics
Joel Burken of civil, architectural and environmental engineering
K. Chandrashekhara of mechanical and aerospace engineering
Ta-Shen Chen of mechanical engineering (emeritus)
Frankiln Cheng of civil engineering (emeritus)
Alfred L. Crosbie of mechanical engineering (emeritus)
Delbert Day of ceramic engineering (emeritus)
Lokesh Dharani of mechanical engineering
James Drewniak of electrical engineering (emeritus)
Walter Eversman of mechanical and aerospace engineering (emeritus)
William G. Fahrenholtz of ceramic engineering
Richard Hagni of geology (emeritus)
Greg Hilmas of ceramic engineering
Don Madison of physics (emeritus)
Sanjay Madria of computer science
John McManus of history
Ronald Olson of physics (emeritus)
Michael Schulz of physics
James Stoffer of chemistry (emeritus)
David Summers of mining engineering (emeritus)
Jay Switzer of chemistry (emeritus)
Thomas Vojta of physics
Wei-Wen Yu of civil engineering (emeritus)

Curators’ Distinguished Teaching Professors

Diana Ahmad of history and political science
Don Askeland of metallurgical engineering (emeritus)
James Bogan, Jr. of arts, language and philosophy (emeritus)
James S. Drallmeier of mechanical engineering
Xiaoping Du of mechanical engineering (retired)
David Enke of engineering management and systems engineering
Kelvin T. Erickson of electrical and computer engineering
Stephen S. Gao of geology and geophysics
Larry Gragg of history and political science (emeritus)
Leonard Koederitz of petroleum engineering (emeritus)
Roger LaBoube of civil engineering (emeritus)
Yinfa Ma of chemistry (retired)
Frances Dee Haemmerlie Montgomery of psychology (emeritus)
Jack Ridley of history (emeritus)
David Riggins of mechanical and aerospace engineering
V. A. Samaranayake of mathematics and statistics
David C. Van Aken of materials science and engineering (emeritus)