High Pressure Waterjet Laboratory

Energetic Materials, Rock Characterization, and Geomechanics
Andreas Eckert (Director)

State-of-the-art equipment provides support for studying and providing solutions for special needs in manufacturing, mineral processing, nano- materials, and military, aerospace, and environmental industries.

Processes utilizing high pressure waterjets include high-precision waterjet cutting, depth-cut control, surface preparation of steel, titanium and other materials, accelerated excavation, comminution, multi-axis milling in mining and manufacturing,  and erosion prevention.

Other topics investigated with the high pressure waterjet include fundamental studies of two- and three-phase flow, the mechanics of fluid jet generation, high speed phenomena, and the physics of fluid impact.

This laboratory is available to serve campus needs. Please call for rates.

For more information please visit our website https://emrge.mst.edu/, call 573-341-4365, or email eckertan@mst.edu.