Laboratory for Atomic, Molecular and Optical Research

Ulrich Jentschura (Director)

The Laboratory for Atomic, Molecular and Optical Research is composed of Missouri S&T faculty members performing research in atomic molecular and optical physics. This scientific area is concerned with the few body problem, the structure of atoms and molecules and their interaction with each other, with electromagnetic fields, and with quantum-field effects.

The laboratory provides an environment which enhances this research activity, and which fosters cooperation and collaboration. The laboratory also provides a structure for formal cooperative programs, group funding, and other collective scientific activities.

Basic studies in the atomic, molecular and optical sciences have made major contributions to many of the new technologies that exist today. Laboratory faculty and staff members continue to contribute to the development of advanced concepts in such wide ranging areas as ultrafast laser physics, atomic interaction dynamics for electron, positron, and ion impact, coherence effects, relativistic quantum-field theory, and atomic processes important in controlled nuclear fusion.

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