Rocks Mechanics Laboratory

Room B-26 & B-28, McNutt Hall
Taghi Sherizadeh, Assistant Professor

McNutt Hall houses the Rock Mechanics and Rock Preparation Laboratories. Rock Testing Laboratory is in B28 McNutt Hall and the major equipment includes an MTS 816 Rock Test System which is suitable for rock testing that involves small samples and can be configured for uniaxial, triaxial and Brazilian testing. GCTS rock direct shear testing system for characterization of discontinuities under various normal stress conditions. The recently renovated Rock Sample Preparation Laboratory is in B26 McNutt Hall and the major equipment include a GCTS RLS-100 specimen lab saw for cutting rock blocks, GCTS coring machine, GCTS RSG-200 specimen grinder for preparing rock samples for laboratory testing, and GCTS RFG-100 specimen flatness gauge to measure the flatness of ground samples. The MIN ENG 5823 Rock Mechanics course uses these laboratories for teaching.