Experimental Mine

Bridge School Road
Dr. Paul Worsey (faculty member responsible)

The Experimental Mine, situated on Bridge School Road 1.5 miles from the main campus, consists of 25 acres of surface and underground facilities which provide excellent opportunities for mineral engineering teaching and research. The surface land includes several dolomite quarries. The underground workings consist of four shafts and 1,500 feet of single-level drifts.

This excellent teaching facility is equipped with a variety of mine-related equipment which offers practical hands-on experience in critical topics. This includes air compressors, rock drills, mucking machine, slusher and motor, diamond core drill, blasting seismography, extensometers, and surveying instruments. A complete ventilating fan system is connected to the underground area, appropriately installed for experimental data collection. The mine classroom has internet access and is equipped with an overhead projector, surround sound, and other teaching facilities.

Recent faculty and students research has been conducted in the areas of rock blasting, mine ventilation and atmospheric control, rock mechanics, and pipeline transportation. The quality of facilities is indicated by the frequency of requests for government and industrial use of the premises. Student projects, however, retain priority on this equipment and the working areas.

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