Technology Transfer and Ecomonic Development

Suite 145 Technology Development Center at Innovation Park
Keith Strassner (Director)

The Office of Technology Transfer and Economic Development (TTED) serves as the focal point for technology commercialization, entrepreneurship, and economic development at Missouri S&T. Its mission is to grow Missouri’s economy by advancing technology commercialization, encouraging entrepreneurship, and promoting business opportunities. Located in the Technology Development Center at Innovation Park, TTED manages a variety of programs and initiatives including various programs for students, faculty, and staff.

TTED hosts a Small Business & Technology Development Center (SBTDC) as part of the Missouri SBTDC statewide network. SBTDCs are partnerships, primarily between the government and colleges and universities, administered by the United States Small Business Administration. They aim to provide counseling and educational services for small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs.

The Student Business Incubator and the VentureLab are programs offered by TTED to support student and community entrepreneurs. The programs operate out of a co-working space in the Technology Development Center at Innovation Park. They provide participants with business counseling, access to work space, conference rooms, and other vital resources to help them develop and successfully launch their businesses ventures. TTED also offers and Entrepreneurial Internship and Cooperative Education (Co-op) Program that is designed to sncourage students to explore and consider entrepreneurship as a career option. Additional information about these programs can be found at

One of the primary functions for TTED is managing Missouri S&T’s intellectual property portfolio. This includes evaluating the patentability and commercial potential of inventions developed by Missouri S&T faculty researchers, securing intellectual property rights for promising innovations, and commercializing Missouri S&T technologies by licensing them to established businesses and university spinoff companies.

TTED plays an important role in a variety of other important initiatives including the development of Innovation Park (Missouri S&T’s 50-acre research park) and managing the Technology Development Center at Innovation Park. For more information about TTED please visit us online at