Global Studies

Global Studies Minor

Global studies is a multi-disciplinary undergraduate minor program designed to aid in the preparation of Missouri S&T students to be successful in an increasingly global workforce. Students who complete the global studies minor will have an increased awareness of the society, culture, technical issues, and/or language of at least one country other than the United States prior to the completion of their Missouri S&T undergraduate experience. Any Missouri S&T student enrolled in an undergraduate degree program is eligible for the Global Studies minor program, which consists of 12 credit hours from an approved list of classes and at least 2 weeks (14 days) of experience in a foreign country acquired during an approved Missouri S&T class or research project, Missouri S&T extracurricular activity, and/or Missouri S&T study abroad activity.

Courses must be selected from the list of approved courses maintained by the Global Studies Advisory Committee. At least one three hour course must focus on the society, culture, and/or language of a foreign country. Approved courses that meet this criterion are from the arts, languages, humanities, or social sciences. In addition, at least one three hour course and no more than nine hours/three courses must come from approved courses that include at least 25 percent international studies content. “International studies content” is defined as course content addressing countries or regions outside of the United States. “International studies content” does not include content that is universal but rather that which addresses specific countries or regions outside of the United States. To satisfy the multi-disciplinary aspect of the minor, no more than six hours may be taken from a single Missouri S&T degree program.

The minor requires personal experience in a foreign country. Students will participate in one or more approved Missouri S&T-sponsored trips to a foreign country for no less than 14 days total. Examples of approved trips include, but are not limited to, those that may be a part of Missouri S&T classes and/or an OURE project-related trip, an extracurricular activity including Missouri S&T’s Engineers Without Borders field trips, and/or Missouri S&T sanctioned study abroad. The list of approved activities is maintained by the Global Studies Advisory Committee.

The curricula criteria, including course lists and the list of approved activities for foreign country experience, are maintained by the Global Studies Advisory Committee and are available on the quick links section of the Missouri S&T Academic Support website at