Multidisciplinary Studies

The bachelor of arts in multidisciplinary studies reflects Missouri S&T's recognition that technological change, both in the modern workplace and, to a lesser extent, in our leisure lives, increasingly cuts across the traditional boundaries of degrees and disciplines. Offered through the department of arts, languages, and philosophy, this degree permits students whose interests cross these boundaries to combine courses in two or three different "focus areas" to create a coherent and academically sound non-traditional program of study.

All students in the B.A. multidisciplinary studies program will complete the basics skills and concepts and general education requirements and generally comply with the requirements for the B.A. degree. However, in lieu of the traditional major and minor requirements, student will complete two (24 and 21 hours respectively) or three (15 hours each) focus area chosen from among the various disciplines offered at Missouri S&T. GPA requirements for each area are the same as those for major fields. B.A. multidisciplinary studies students will also complete a 3-hour capstone course (ALP 4397) that reflects the students' ability to synthesize methods and knowledge from each focus area into an academically coherent product.

Students design their multidisciplinary programs in coordination with a multidisciplinary studies advisor in the department of arts, languages, and philosophy. For each program, the advisor will work with the student to convene and chair a degree committee consisting of one faculty member from each focus area. Student in the program are expected to develop a sensible rationale for their course of study, justifying both the combination of disciplines and each course chosen within that combination in the context of their own needs and interests. Individual programs and capstone course activities are subject to approval of the degree committee.

Patrick Gamez, Assistant Professor
PHD University of Notre Dame

Michel Gueldry, Professor
PHD University of Toulouse

W Lance Haynes, Chancellor's Professor
PHD University of Minnesota

Audra Lynn Merfeld-Langston, Associate Professor
PHD Pennsylvania State University

Superscripts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 in the faculty listing refer to the following common footnotes:
1 Registered Professional Engineer
2 Registered Geologist
3 Certified Health Physicist
4 Registered Architect
5 Board Certified, American Academy of Environmental Engineers
6 LEED AP Certified